Welcome to my personal website. It is my online business card, therefore you will find here everything related to me and my works. My name is Viktoras As a personality, I have been existing for 28 years now. Whereas as a professional web developer and a web designer I have been working already for 10 and 7 years respectively.

For those willing to meet me in real life, I can hint that I migrate between native Siauliai and London. I also spent some time attending a university. The result – Master of Computer Science. However, I don't limit myself to this education and I'm currently studying at universities of life. Life has formed me a firm but just character. Aside from the computer, you can find nightclubs, parties, and good music in my life. And long sleep sessions. For those who have a dislike of me, I can reveal that I'm very allergic to cats...

Web Designer
I have fairly extensive experience in web site development area. I have been working for 10 years as a web developer and 7 years as a designer. My web design portfolio contains a considerable number of projects of different complexity. No single customer has an idea which I would not be able to implement design-wise. Every website is just like a work of art which is carefully and fully completed, implemented using the latest technologies and by taking into account the current market situation.

HTML coder
I offer high quality xHTML coding services. I can turn any design quickly and efficiently into an easily comprehensible and efficient HTML/CSS code.

My coded designs look identically in all web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome), conform to international (W3C) standards.

A HTML code may be documented or, for your convenience, divided in parts for integration into required systems. Keywords used in a HTML/CSS code are chosen intuitively considering the place and significance of an element in question, also HTML semantics is employed all over the place.
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